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  A Saltwater Fishing License would:

Add funding to the Marine Fisheries Division

Add Money from the Federal Government (Wallop-Breaux)

Provide money for:
New Access to fishing (Ramps, etc)
Federally Mandated Research
Continued Federal Compliance
Provide better representation,
   with better Scientific Data

The License will give us money needed for a secure Recreational Marine Fishery for our children & Grand Children.

Please e-mail questions or comments to: fredmac2619@gmail.com

Cape May County Party and Charter Boat Association
white marlin

New Jersey Saltwater Fishing License Facts

Cape May County Party & Charter Boat Association in conjunction with The Coalition to Fund the Marine Fisheries Division
The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Division is grossly underfunded.

Recreational Marine Fisheries is a multi Billion Dollar industry in New Jersey.

Without properly funding our Marine Fisheries Division we may lose our Fisheries to other states.

The Marine Fisheries Division should not have to be funded by the fishermen.

The Marine Fisheries Division should receive more funding from the state of New Jersey.

The State is saying there is NO money available.

New Jersey is the only EAST COAST state that is not working on, or already has a Salt Water Recreational License.

Fishermen in Northern & Southern New Jersey now pay License fees to New York & Delaware to fish in shared waters.

These out of state licenses are adding to other states coffers and can be used to fight us for our fish. (We are financing our own demise)

Blue Shark
striped bass

A properly written NJ Fishing License would put funds where they are needed.

The License would take the place of the Registration.

License Money would go into the Hunter /Angler Fund, not the General Fund. (Same as the current Hunting & Freshwater Fishing Licenses)

Federal money would be added to the Hunter/Angler Fund from Wallop-Breaux.

The Hunter/ Angler Fund have NEVER been successfully raided by any State Governor in the United States since its inception in 1950. This is due to Federal oversight of the monies.

Several Governors have tried to take these funds, including New Jersey, NONE have been successful.

Without sufficient funds, Marine Fisheries Division cannot meet Federal mandates, which means closed fisheries.



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